A Convenient Place To Buy

For many property purchasers, this is a convenient place to buy. There are great transport links here from abroad, with budget airlines flying to most of the main cities and resorts.  It is also a country that has large ex-pat communities, with British and German citizens among the most numerous groups. Ex-pats from the UK make up to 300,000 of the total population of 46 million

The large community of foreign residents mean that the locals are used to dealing with property investors and visitors from abroad. Indeed, if you choose a region with a high concentration of Brits, you can expect to deal with estate agents who are fluent in English and might even be UK natives 

Spain has always been an attractive country for sun-seekers and other visitors. However, the financial crisis of 2008 hit it hard, meaning that it lost its appeal for property investors for a few years. Now, it appears tha‚Äčt the time is right to make a move here. The property market is looking bright and the range of available properties is highly tempting 

In the last few years, the market has started to recover. Prices are rising and there is now a greater feeling of optimism in the Spanish property market. It is expected that prices will continue to rise, as they are currently still below the historically high levels seen before the crisis.
With five consecutive years of gradually rising prices, there is genuine and realistic hope of properties continuing to climb in value for the next few years. In 2019, the Spanish Central Bank released figures that suggest that the residential market should give a return of over 9%. This is based on a gross rental yield of 3.89% and capital gain of 5.29%